• Encapsulation with level of sound absorption in low, medium and high frequency ranges
  • Reduction of 80-95% of sound level  - 12-26 dB(A)
  • Enables work to be performed in defined cases with no hearing protection
  • Environmentally-friendly materials used
  • Trouble-free adaption to complex shapes
  • Also suitable for retrofitting
  • Easy assembly / dismantling

Sound absorption with ETIS

 Sound absorbing performanceSound absorbing performance

  • Sound penetrates the material and is largely absorbed.
  • Non-absorbed sound is partly reflected in multiple-layer barriers and subsequently absorbed in the insulating material.
  • So-called resonance absorption also takes place (stimulation of natural oscillations), primarily at low frequencies
  • Noise reduction is achieved by the choice of material and a layered structure, which is adapted to each specific noise spectrum.
  • The incoming and outgoing air directed through a labyrinth is also sound-proofed.